About Us

A picture speaks a thousand words, they say, and we believe, your apparel speaks more.

This brand started with the most important human need to express oneself. An insatiable need to express one's self unapologetically, and EXPLICITLY. To let others know where we stand. Our stand on Global matters, or against tradition, everything.

Our main goal is to make others feel something by our clothing, it maybe comforting in trying times, may bring a smile on their face when they look at your t-shirt after a long hard day, it may make people question their beliefs, or make them aware about an issue they are ignorant towards, but we make sure that it makes you feel something when you wear it, and others when they see it.

We believe in being true to ourselves, and not a watered down version of us, not the one that we are because society likes it better. No, just US! And moreover we want the same for you!

So, now, you know why kuchB! And where we stand! all that's left to say is,